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Greyrock Energy, a company founded in 2006 to develop technologies for the modular, distributed, production of transportation grade diesel fuel from natural gas, has completed testing of its premium gas-to-liquids (GTL) synthetic diesel fuel at an advanced heavy-duty diesel engine dynamometer laboratory.

Greyrock’s synthetic diesel fuel is produced from natural gas using Greyrock’s proprietary MicroGTL systems. The fuel significantly exceeds ASTM D975 standards in areas such as cetane, sulfur, lubricity and lower aromatic content. These premium properties result in the improved performance over traditional diesel, the company says.

Greyrock’s system approach integrates proprietary catalysis, an adaptive control system, and process innovations. Feedstocks that the system can accept include natural gas, natural gas liquids (propane, ethane, butane), associated or waste gases, and also waste CO2 where it is available.

The basic GS1000 plant converts the gas feedstocks into 1,000 barrels/day, or about 15 million gallons per year. GS1000 plants can be run in parallel to increase plant capacity.

Earlier this summer, Greyrock entered into an agreement for Lubrizol to supply cold weather diesel fuel additives for Greyrock’s gas-to-liquids (GTL) technologies. The additives will allow Greyrock to meet seasonal and regional specifications for diesel fuels sold and distributed in the continental United States.


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