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GSA pursuing car sharing for Federal Government; issues RFI and launches car-sharing pilot

Following the lead of popular low-cost commercial car sharing ventures, GSA is actively pursuing similar initiatives to help federal agencies reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and optimize vehicle use. The agency issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking innovative ideas from commercial vendors that could help the federal government incorporate car sharing government-wide and reduce the federal fleet over time. GSA manages more than 200,000 vehicles, one of the largest non-tactical federal fleets in the US government.

GSA is also launching a car sharing pilot program in Washington DC, Boston, New York City and Chicago immediately to explore best practices and test how the government can effectively integrate low-cost alternative transportation services. GSA’s ultimate goal is to help agencies find savings in their fleet program.

Both the RFI and the pilot program will measure the effectiveness, cost savings, and overall benefits of car sharing for the federal workforce.

GSA anticipates that the demand for car sharing in the federal government will increase due to budget constraints and the need to find efficiencies and savings in government operations.

GSA said that car sharing allows agency flexibility and access to vehicles for short-term use; it saves money by reducing the need to purchase new vehicles; and provides a more sustainable approach to government fleet management.


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