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Nuvera Fuel Cells will work with Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri on a program to power hi-end marine vessels with advanced fuel cell technology. Nuvera has been commissioned to produce and deliver eight of its Orion fuel cell stacks (total power 260 kW), which will be used as range extenders for use on marine vessels.

The Orion proton exchange membrane fuel cell stacks use Nuvera’s metallic bi-polar plate technology; sizes range from 10 to 300 kW. The program is scheduled to begin December 2013. Nuvera is aiming to deliver all eight Orion fuel cell stack prototype units by mid-2014.

Interest in hydrogen fuel cells for marine applications has grown as the marine industry looks for new ways to tackle environmental concerns and improve engine reliability. The usage of hydrogen fuel cells in marine vessels reduces the exhaust emissions, vibrations, noise, and costs associated with diesel-powered sea travel.

Fincantieri has coordinated the building of more than 7,000 seagoing vessels spanning its 200 year history. Fincantieri selected Nuvera’s Orion fuel cell stack technology for its performance and durability.


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