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China’s JAC collaborating with Ricardo on advanced thermal engineering for vehicle development

Ricardo and JAC, one of China’s largest vehicle manufacturers, are working together on thermal systems engineering for passenger car applications.

Under the contract placed by JAC—officially the Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co Ltd (JAC) of Hefei, Anhui Province—Ricardo is providing advanced thermal simulation and test guidance to support the development of a passenger vehicle with a downsized gasoline engine.

As a part of the project, Ricardo is also providing technology transfer in the form of collaborative working and training to JAC engineers both in China and at Ricardo sites in the UK. In this way, JAC will acquire skills and expertise that will help them to develop their own in-house thermal systems analysis and development capability in the future.

With leading Chinese automakers such as JAC wishing to develop their own vehicles to international standards, there is an increasing need to develop in-house capabilities such as thermal systems development.

—Ricardo Asia president Gary Tan



It look interresting but there is't any specifications nor technology explained unfortunatly.

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