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ClipperCreek announces $549 LCS-25 charger with more wall plugs; direct replacement for ECOtality residential customers

ClipperCreek announced the availability of its LCS-25P with factory installed NEMA L6-30, 14-30P, 14-50P and 6-50P wall plugs. Priced at $549, this Level 2, 5 kW plug-in vehicle charge station is available with the widest selection of wall plugs directly from the factory in Auburn, CA.

We felt it was important to add the additional plug types to support customers that may have charging stations which are no longer supported by their manufacturer. Replacement is a snap and customers can be back up and charging in no time.

—Dave Packard, President of ClipperCreek

With the added variety of 240V plug types, the industry’s smallest 240V charge station can now be plugged in virtually anywhere.



I have visited these people and highly recommend their products b/c of the high quality.

I have an LCS-25 and use it daily. It is rock solid, never any problem. I added a 6-50P in short order, glad to see that Clipper is now offering a variety of plugs from the factory.

There is a countervailing view that I should mention. This is from an upcoming article in the print version of Electric Car Insider magazine:

Mike Calise, director of electric vehicle products for Schneider Electric, one of the leading EVSE manufacturers, makes the case that charge stations should be hard wired. He points out that it's safer, because kids can't stick keys in the open outlet. “Trust me” he says, with a pained expression and slightly rolling his eyes heavenward. “As one of the largest manufacturers of electrical products in the world, we get these calls.”

Indeed, many years ago, I watched, horrified, as my baby sister Elizabeth, age 3, stick a key in a 120v socket and become immobilized by the current. I also got shocked as I rushed over to pull her away. So it happens. Good thing for me and Elizabeth that it wasn't two keys in a 24v socket, or I probably wouldn't be here to tell the story.

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