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Royal DSM announced a new application of its lightweight solution for automotive oil sumps injection molded in Akulon Ultraflow polyamide 6: the oil sump for the the new Mercedes-Benz S Class. The sump developed by German Tier One supplier BBP in Marbach am Neckar, Germany for Mercedes-Benz is around 50% lighter than the metal version it replaces.

Oil sumps provide a considerable challenge for developers: their exposed position under the engine means they have to be very resistant to impacts and mechanical stress.

The two companies subjected the new sump to demanding application tests, including vibration, stone impact, and an engine drop test.

The grade used for the application is Akulon Ultraflow K-FHG7, a 35% glass-reinforced, heat-stabilized polyamide 6 with high resistance to engine oil, and very good flow properties. Its significant processing advantages come at no cost to mechanical properties compared to standard polyamide 6 products.

With materials like Akulon Ultraflow from DSM, we can make important progress in demanding engine compartment applications to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The oil sump is an important breakthrough, and it demonstrates that DSM is listening to its partners along the supply chain in its development of materials to address the performance and sustainability challenges that we all face.

—Horst Hauke, Director Sales Automotive at BBP



One more of the 1001 ways to reduce the total weight of our mechnical steel monsters?

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