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Daimler-BYD DENZA EV tracking for 2014 introduction

The joint Chinese brand of Daimler and its partner BYD (Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology, BDNT) is tracking toward the market introduction of the DENZA EV in 2014, as announced earlier. The battery-electric vehicle will see its world premiere in April 2014 at the Auto China trade fair in Beijing. Also in Beijing, the first DENZA dealership will open its doors mid-next year. Further dealerships will be built up simultaneously in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

DENZA on the dyno. Click to enlarge.

Three of China’s leading automobile dealership groups, Zhongsheng Group Holdings Limited (Zhongsheng Group), Lei Shing Hong Auto (China) Management Co., Ltd. (LSH), and Pangda Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. (Pangda Group), will become the first dealers responsible for the distribution and service of DENZA electric vehicles.

At present, BDNT is focusing on testing of pre-production models. After the dusty and hot summer testing programs in the South of China have been accomplished, the second season of winter tests will soon begin in north-eastern China. At the same time, production tests in the Shenzhen plant are running successfully.

The Daimler-BYD joint venture was the first in China dedicated solely to New Energy Vehicles. BYD is providing its expertise in battery technology and e-drive systems; Daimler is contributing its know-how in vehicle architecture, safety, and quality.



DENZA or look alike VENZA (from Toyota) could become a best seller if the range (between recharges) is high enough (300+ miles) and the price is right ($30K to $35K).

A PHEV version could be another alternative?

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