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Pixelligent awarded $1M DOE SBIR grant for nanoadditives for advanced lubricants to reduce fuel consumption

Nanomaterials company Pixelligent Technologies has been awarded a $1-million Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant by the Department of Energy (DOE). The two-year program will enable Pixelligent to accelerate the development of its nanoadditives for use in advanced lubricants to reduce fuel consumption and engine wear.

The goal of this program is to develop a working prototype of a formulated oil that reduces engine wear and fuel consumption for the existing ground vehicle fleet. As part of this program, Pixelligent will work with a team of leading tribology experts including: Argonne National Labs; the University of Pennsylvania Dept. of Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics; and support from Afton Chemical Corporation, a leading fuel and lubricant additive company.

Pixelligent’s award of this Phase II SBIR grant follows its win of a Phase I SBIR grant in 2012.

Pixelligent has invested more than $20 million during the past six years to develop proprietary methods for the synthesis, capping, dispersion, measurement, and manufacturing of a variety of wide-band gap nanocrystals.

Pixelligent’s nanocrystals can improve extremely diverse properties, including: significantly increased refractive index; high transparency; low haze; improved scratch resistance; increased mechanical strength; improved lubrication properties; increased chemical etch resistance; improved thermal properties; and increased oxidation/aging resistance.


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