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TÜV, one of the leading European technical certification centers, has certified that the Iveco Stralis Hi-Way Euro VI reduces fuel consumption 2.33% compared to the previous Euro V version, due to the catalytic reduction system HI-eSCR (High Efficiency SCR) patented by FPT Industrial and the aerodynamic optimizations introduced with the new cab.

Stralis Hi-Way Euro VI. Click to enlarge.

With the efficiency of FPT’s engines and SCR catalytic reduction system (HI-eSCR), the new Stralis range is able to meet the limits set by the Euro VI standards without using EGR and therefore offers numerous advantages to Iveco customers: weight reduction, lower fuel consumption and increased durability. FPT Industrial’s HI-eSCR is able to reduce NOx levels more than 95%, while remaining PM is reduced in the passive DPF.

The main components of HI-eSCR are:

  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
  • Passive Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • AdBlue dosing module
  • AdBlue mixer
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Catalyst
  • Clean Up Catalyst (CUC)

The whole system is fitted with a network of integrated sensors to control the NOx and any excess of NH3.

HI-eSCR. Exhaust gas flow coming from the engine enters the DOC, where NO is oxidized to NO2, which helps to reduce the PM in the subsequent passive DPF. The filter is automatically regenerated at lower temperatures compared to the active DPFs. The ECU (Engine Control Unit), the brain behind the HI-eSCR system, checks, through sensors integrated in the exhaust, the amount of Water-Urea (AdBlue) solution to be injected in the exhaust pipe. To increase the durability of the injector, the Dosing Module is cooled by the engine coolant. Click to enlarge.

The tests carried out compared the new Stralis Hi-Way tractor unit equipped with a 460 hp (343 kW) Euro VI Cursor 11 engine with a similar vehicle of the previous generation equipped with a 460 hp Euro V Cursor 10 engine, both in the EcoStralis version.

Today’s achievement is another important result of the constant work carried out by Iveco to reduce fuel consumption. This commitment has already allowed the EcoStralis Euro V model to obtain the TÜV certification with a reduction in consumption of 7.32% compared to a standard model

—Lorenzo Sistino, Iveco Brand President



All those people who persisted to claim that it was impossible to reduce pollution and reduce fuel consumption at the same time, will have to change their mind set?

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