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High-performance transmission specialist Oerlikon Graziano, a brand of Oerlikon Drive Systems Segment, is unveiling details of its new hybrid, six-speed AMT at the CTI Symposium Berlin 2013 this week. The company says that its new OGeco transmission will be more cost effective, lighter and efficient than DCT alternatives, and utilize torque infill to provide seamless shift benefits.

At the event, Roberto Gay from Oerlikon Graziano and Marco Fracchia from the controlled company VOCIS Ltd will present a technical paper outlining the new transmission and its application in a demonstrator. (Session G5)

The OGeco concept has been designed to provide torque infill from an electric motor during gear changes, providing the refinement of a DCT. Increased low speed comfort does not compromise the rapid shift time and responsiveness during spirited driving, thanks to a two-speed electric motor transmission solution enabled by a twin-shaft AMT layout. Smooth shifting at low to medium vehicle performance matches current DCT expectations, and the transition to high-performance is enabled by significant torque infill to reduce shift shock.

The hybrid unit is designed for high performance vehicles with transaxle transmission configuration, suitable for front- and rear-wheel drive application, and we believe the OGeco concept is central to the continued evolution of performance transmissions. This technology is able to provide an innovative breakthrough for the automotive industry as manufacturers seek reduced fuel consumption and improved CO2 emissions.

—Roberto Gay, Oerlikon Graziano Head of Automotive Design

The OGeco unit will be ready for trial in a front-engined, rear-wheel drive high-performance demonstrator vehicle in early 2014. The production vehicle has been equipped with an OGeco prototype transmission, electric motor and ancillaries by Vocis, and demonstrates the packaging benefits by fitting into the space previously taken by a seven-speed DCT.

Reduced weight, improved efficiency and fuel economy are further benefits of the transmission.

Depending on customer requirements, OGeco can support different drivetrain layouts to provide a range extender drive for plug-in hybrid vehicles, torque infill, electric boost and KERS performance benefits due to the unit’s 120 kW, 200 N·m output.


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