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Battery Innovation Center issues RFP for development of new energy storage systems

The Battery Innovation Center (BIC)—a non-profit consortium of organizations focused on the rapid development, testing and commercialization of safe and reliable energy storage systems—has announced a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the development of new energy storage systems. Funded by a $2-million grant from the Department of Commerce, the BIC will offer its advanced lab and facilities to the selected technology developers, which will be announced in early 2014.

The BIC was awarded the 2012 Department of Commerce Economic Development Agency (EDA) I6 Challenge Grant to provide its laboratory facilities for prototyping, testing and evaluation, and certification for small businesses and entrepreneurs with emerging energy storage technologies. The BIC will solicit inputs from industry leaders across the country to find the best product/technologies with the greatest economic development potential for commercialization. The selected energy storage technologies will be “proofed” within the BIC lab and provide data detailing their potential impacts.

In addition to providing advanced technology development support, the BIC will enlist state-led organizations, local government initiatives, and a wide array of venture capital providers to support small businesses in conducting market surveys, business plan development, marketing strategy development, and obtaining access to state and local government financial incentives to further their acceleration into the market.

Lastly, the BIC, as a consortium of industry leaders in energy storage, can provide new and developing companies with the partnerships in manufacturing.

Organizations interested in submitting a proposal for the program may visit for details on the submission process and eligibility requirements. The proposal deadline is 3 January 2014 with selections anticipated to be announced in February 2014.



Funded by a mere $2 million grant?

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