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GM sells 3 million vehicles in China in a single year for the first time

General Motors and its joint ventures reported selling their 3 millionth vehicle in China in 2013. This is the first time in GM’s history in its largest market that it has reached the milestone in a calendar year.

GM and its joint ventures offer more than 40 different models under seven brands in China. Its products range from mini-cars to luxury sedans and from mini-commercial vehicles to light-duty trucks. Most of its vehicles sold in China are manufactured in China, and many are engineered and designed locally.

GM also offers a wide range of services tailored for the domestic market. Its Shanghai OnStar joint venture is the leading provider of safety, maintenance and telematics services in China, while its GMAC-SAIC joint venture is the automotive financing leader.

In order to keep up its momentum, GM’s joint ventures are investing about $11 billion in vehicles, facilities and people through 2016.



Like every other company, GMs heart is where its sales are.
An American company?
Only for bail outs.


GM is probably more of a Chinese company, by end of 2013, than a US firm and may become progressively more so in future years.

New GM will move out of Australia soon and probably reduce their production facilities in EU and USA in favor of China, India, South Korea and Brazil.

How much of GM's Chinese venture has been financed with American Tax payers bail-outs is a good question?

Would GM USA/EU and GM China exist today without the huge bail outs?


So, bankrupt GM opens China car plants with 40 $BILLION(+ $10B Delphi GM parts) in taxpayer bailouts, sells a record three MILLION cars this year alone, and taxpayers lose nearly 15 $BILLION, just in GM stock return.

Stay bent over while the NSA records all communications.



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