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GM investing nearly $1.3B in 5 US plants; supporting new V6, 10-speed transmission

General Motors will invest nearly $1.3 billion in five manufacturing sites in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana to produce new fuel-efficient engines and transmissions, enhance vehicle quality and streamline logistics. The investments in GM plants in Detroit, Flint and Romulus, Mich.; Toledo, Ohio and Bedford, Ind. will support production of a new V6 engine, a new 10-speed transmission and an existing 6-speed transmission. They will also fund assembly plant upgrades, including a new paint shop and logistics optimization center.

The 10-speed automatic transmission will contribute to improved fuel economy and performance. Details about this program and the new V6 engine will be announced later.

Since 2009, GM has announced investments of about $10.1 billion in its US operations, with $2.8 billion of that in 2013. GM’s latest investment includes:

  • $600 million in Flint Assembly for facility upgrades, including a new paint shop.

  • $493.4 million in Romulus Powertrain Operations, which includes $343.4 million for equipment to produce an all-new 10-speed automatic transmission and $150 million to increase capacity of a previously announced new V6 engine.

  • $121 million in Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly for a logistics optimization center.

  • $30.6 million in Toledo Transmission Operations for increased capacity for an existing 6-speed transmission and tooling for a new variant.

  • $29.2 million in Bedford Castings, which includes $22.6 million to produce components for the 10-speed transmission and $6.6 million to produce components for an existing 6-speed transmission.



So these a^sholes have 1.3B to invest but the US taxpayer still has to take a $10 billion loss with the bailout? Ba$tards!

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