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France and Québec to partner on electric vehicles

The Prime Minister of Québec Pauline Marois and the Minister of Economy and Finance of the French Republic, Pierre Moscovici announced the creation of a Franco-Québécois working group on electric vehicles to promote collaboration between industry and research in Québec and France in this area.

The mandate of the Franco-Québécois Group will include ensuring the sharing of information on EV initiatives. The group will also identify potential collaborative projects, both in terms of infrastructure deployment for electric transport, planning, research and development or implementation of public policy.

The Group comprises equal numbers of French and Québécois members, who work in research organizations, French competitiveness clusters, Québec centers of excellence, public administration and public or private companies.

This working group is intended to give additional impetus to Franco-Québec cooperation in this sector.



Electrified vehicles would be a welcomed addition in Quebec Province with anticipated clean low cost Hydro/Wind electricity until 2027 and beyond.

However, the only attempt to mass produce French vehicles in Quebec Province failed after a few months due very aggressive unions and very high production cost.

No French vehicles (with the exception of heavy trucks and subways) have been sold in the Province for the last 20+ years.

Lower cost electric vehicles and enhanced batteries built in Mexico could benefit from the Free Trade Agreement and be more competitive than the made in France or Quebec units?

Richard Batty

Pauline Marois is not the Prime Minister of Quebec. In french she is the Premier Ministre.

The while the literal translation to english is "Prime Minister", Quebec is a province of Canada, so in a political context, she is the Premier of Quebec. Stephan Harper is Prime minister of Quebec, Canada and the other Canadian provinces.

Pauline Marois is also a Separatist. She most likely would like to be Prime Minister of Quebec.

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