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VEZEL HYBRID. Click to enlarge.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. began sales of the VEZEL in Japan today. Honda says that the VEZEL fuses the dynamic qualities of an SUV, the elegance of a coupe, the functionality of a minivan and excellent fuel economy.

The conventional VEZEL is equipped with a 1.5L direct-injection DOHC i-VTEC engine coupled to a CVT, as is available in front-wheel and four-wheel drive versions. The VEZEL HYBRID is equipped with Honda’s next-generation SPORT HYBRID i-DCD system (earlier post) that combines a 97 kW (130 hp), 156 N·m (115 lb-ft) 1.5 L direct injection engine with a 22 kW (30 hp), 160 N·m (118 lb-ft) motor. The realized maximum system output of 112 KW (150 hp) is equivalent to that of a 2.0-liter engine.

VEZEL HYBRID. Click to enlarge.

The hybrid’s fuel economy of 27.0 km/L (63.5 mpgUS, 3.7 l/100km) in the JC08 cycle—the highest fuel economy in its class in Japan—was realized through intelligent use of three different driving modes depending on the driving situation. Moreover, the paddle shifter, which enables the driver to enjoy high output of a direct-injection engine and the direct feel of DCT, is featured as standard equipment on all hybrid models.

The gasoline realize fuel economy of 20.6 km/L (48.6 mpgUS, 4.9 l/100 km) in the JC08 cycle.

Real Time AWD. Click to enlarge.

The VEZEL HYBRID will also be the first among all Honda hybrid models to be equipped with Honda’s original Real Time AWD, which controls torque distribution to the front and rear wheels precisely through electronic control.

With Real Time AWD, the ECU accurately detects the driving situation based on the information collected through multiple sensors, and determines the amount of torque necessary for the front and rear wheels. The system instantaneously distributes an appropriate amount of torque for the rear wheels and smoothly shifts to 4WD.

A VEZEL-exclusive setting distributes more torque to the rear wheels during cornering, enhancing the driving feeling.

“VEZEL” is coined from “bezel”—the oblique faces of a cut gem—together with the “V” for “vehicle.” Honda says the name represents its passion to create a vehicle which offers multifaceted charm and value, just like a cut gem, which changes its look depending on the angle.

All VEZEL types feature advanced technologies and functions such as Electric Parking Brake and Automatic Brake Hold as standard equipment. High-performance soundproofing materials and dampers, which are typically used for high-end sedan models, are adopted to realize outstanding quietness and driving stability.

The hybrid model is equipped with the Reactive Force Pedal that assists fuel-efficient driving by applying reactive force to the accelerator. The VEZEL HYBRID will be the first among all Honda hybrid models to be equipped with the Reactive Force Pedal.

The Reactive Force Pedal assists fuel-efficient driving through control of the reaction force of the accelerator. The system applies reactive force on the accelerator pedal when the driver steps on it excessively. The relative force also is applied when driving on slippery surfaces such as icy roads.

An inner-frame structure and high-tensile sheet steel are adopted to approximately 20% of the overall body frame, realizing a lightweight and highly-rigid body that generates linear driving.

Passive safety is realized through the adoption of the next generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body and the Pedestrian Injury Mitigation Body. The ACE body applies Honda’s original G-Force Control Technology (G-CON) to enhance self-protection and make it less aggressive to other vehicles in the event of a collision. The Pedestrian Injury Mitigation Body structure also absorbs the impact of a collision in the front part of the body, which is at the highest risk of causing a pedestrian injury in the event of a collision.

The City-Brake Active System is also available on selected models. The City-Brake Active System supports safe driving and mitigates accidental damage from a collision or when the vehicle starts moving forward. The system is accompanied by a side curtain airbag system and a front seat i-side airbag system (variable capacity type).

Pricing for the VEZEL starts at ¥1,870,000 (US$17,903) and runs up to ¥2,680,000 (US$25,658) for the top hybrid model.



This small SUV seems to have more up to date technology than many larger units on the market place.

A good move from Honda.


It makes sense to clutch it up by the transmission, even better would be to have an electric motor back there like the Highlander hybrid from Toyota.


>>Reactive Force Pedal that assists fuel-efficient driving by applying reactive force to the accelerator.

Good idea, looking forward to the reaction from inefficient drivers.

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