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UL approves use of up to 16% isobutanol in UL 87A pumps

Gevo, Inc. confirmed that Underwriter Laboratories (UL) has approved the generic use of up to 16% isobutanol in UL 87A pumps by any manufacturer meeting ASTM specifications. UL 87A pumps are for gasoline and gasoline/ethanol blends with nominal ethanol concentrations up to 85% (E0 - E85).

The approval provides assurance to service stations that isobutanol-blended gasoline will work in current 87A gasoline pumps without the need to purchase new equipment.

Gevo has been working with UL for several years to approve the use of isobutanol in UL 87A pumps. UL in working with various companies and independent laboratories compiled data for their scientific determination on isobutanol.

Gevo sponsored a large study based on SAE J1681 and using a model created in a previous UL investigation with ethanol-surrogate gasoline fuel blends.


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