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Delphi Automotive PLC will showcase highly integrated active safety and connectivity technologies at the upcoming 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show. These technologies will be key building blocks to achieving fully automated driving.

The fact is, automated driving is happening now and will continue to expand in capabilities and mainstream use in the very near future. What sets Delphi apart from other suppliers is our ability to produce innovations in three areas that are critical to the automated driving experience: connected products, active safety products and electrical architecture. This is the new frontier in the automobile industry, and we’re uniquely positioned to lead the way.

—Jeff Owens, chief technology officer, Delphi Automotive

Delphi will exhibit advanced technologies from each of these areas at CES including:

  • Automated driving products such as 360 degree sensing, radar and vision fusion technology, cross traffic alert, collision avoidance and many other accident mitigation safety features.

  • Comprehensive connectivity that works seamlessly with popular smart phones.

  • Core infotainment apps integrated into the entertainment system. Smart phones connected via Bluetooth and WiFi for the wireless data throughout the vehicle.

  • Voice recognition that delivers on-board natural language providing increased system accuracy and performance, in addition to a key word spotting feature.

  • Workload manager software and driver state sensor technology to monitor the driver’s attention and intelligently minimize activities when distractions are potentially high.

  • High resolution, reconfigurable displays for attractive styling and to allow for unique consumer customization.



These new technologies are usable in all current and future vehicles.

Current vehicles may not be retrofitted but many near future vehicles will be equipped with many of those technologies to reduce accidents, injuries, fatalities and property damages.

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