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Coca-Cola partners with XL Hybrids to convert new 2014 Express vans into hybrids

Coca-Cola is converting all of its newly purchased 2014 Chevrolet Express service vans into fuel-efficient hybrid-electric vehicles using XL Hybrids’ powertrain technology. (Earlier post.) The updated vans will be on the road across the country by year’s end.

The latest version of the XL Hybrids system features an inline traction motor delivering 40 kW, along with a 1.8 kWh Li-ion battery pack.

Coca-Cola currently operates the largest heavy-duty hybrid-electric delivery fleet in North America. The addition of 100 hybrid service vans builds upon this work by expanding the variety of fuel-efficient options in the company’s light-duty fleet.

Early test results of this hybrid technology were positive, showing a 15% to 20% fuel reduction compared to the conventional vans. The 100 new hybrid vans are expected to eliminate about 4,000 total tons of carbon dioxide emissions that conventional vans would produce over their 10-year life span.

As a result of the low maintenance and fuel savings, the powertrain unit pays for itself three times over its life span.

Separately, XL Hybrids announced it has raised $3 million in a pre-Series C debt financing round from WindSail Capital Group. The company will use these funds to cover working capital and other operating expenses as it accelerates sales and deliveries of its hybrid powertrain technology to Fortune 500 customers.

In addition to the hybrid service vans, Coca-Cola recently announced the roll-out of 16 first-of-its-kind refrigerated plug-in electric vehicles. These trucks deliver the company’s Odwalla brand beverages in the San Francisco Bay Area. Coca-Cola is also making carbon footprint reductions across its manufacturing processes, packaging and refrigeration equipment.


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