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Commuters in Scotland are shunning buses and trains for their daily journeys to and from work, according to new figures. Data indicates that the number of people using public transport has declined, with 1.3 million working Scots now opting for their car instead.

Just one in ten employees walk to work, while cycling saw just a 0.1% increase, to 1.6% of all workers.

Green MSP and Transport Spokeswoman Alison Johnstone told the Scotsman that the results do not paint an encouraging picture for Scotland, but that they are not a surprise.

The capital, Edinburgh, bucked the overall national trend, with 41% of commuters in the capital using a car for their commute. Almost a third of employees operating in the capital travel to work by bus or train.

However, this is an anomaly when compared to the rest of Scotland and may be down to the recent investment in cycling infrastructure in the capital, as well as speed limit reductions on many of its roads.


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