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Mitsubishi delivered 8,197 Outlander PHEVs in Europe by end of 2013; 8,009 to The Netherlands

First launched in selected European markets (The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland) in October 2013, Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV (plug-in hybrid) (earlier post) collected more than 12,000 orders in these markets. These orders have already translated into 8,197 deliveries to end-customers by the end of December, of which 8,009 units went to The Netherlands, the latter boosted by a tax scheme favorable to eco-friendly technologies such as low-emission vehicles.

With more Outlander PHEVs currently on their way to Europe, Mitsubishi Motor Sales Netherlands says it will soon be able to deliver the 11,000+ orders currently in its books and growing. Beyond this initial success, the car will be progressively launched in other European markets throughout 2014.

Mitsubishi Motors estimates that Outlander PHEV global production volume will reach approximately 30,000 units by the end of March 2014 since launch in January 2013. Full year capacity (as from FY14) will be of more than 50,000 units, with Europe its largest market.



Once it hits the US in 2015 they should have enough demand for at least 100,000 vehicles a year, if they can supply them.


What are the main reasons why Norway, Holland and Denmard are leaders in electrrified vehicles usage in Europe?


Norway and Denmark have very high vehicle tax, which BEVS and some PHEVs (?) are exempt from, in addition to priority lane access, parking and so on.
The Netherlands had tax incentives and subsidies expiring at the end of December, hence the rush to supply them as it would cost buyers thousands more for a January delivery.


@HarveyD: in Norway: very high tax when buying an ICE car, based on weight, CO2 emission and horsepower. High tax on fuel, cheap electricity. Free passage on toll roads, allowed to use bus/taxi lanes (important for commuting in the big cities). Free parking for BEV and some places PHEV. Tesla cost about the same as a Mercedes C200. Total car tax pluss Value added tax will be around 35 to 40% of the price tag on the Merc. One liter of diesel is around 13 NOK for the moment, or a around 2,15 USD. That said, based on buying power diesel is actually not expensive in Norway compared with other European countries. Electricity is now around 0,75 NOK/kWh.


@Jon. That may be one of the best way to promote the use of electrified vehicles. Norway being an Oil producing nation deserves a hand here.

Canada us doing the opposite.


Norway : 7882 new cars with electric motor in 2013, of total 142 151 new cars in 2013. Average CO2 emmission for new cars in December was 115 g CO2/km

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