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AT&T announced two major initiatives for the connected car market: a connected car center in Atlanta, called the AT&T Drive Studio; and a modular, global automotive platform called AT&T Drive. AT&T Drive is the company’s connected car platform—a modular, global solution that allows automakers to pick and choose what services and capabilities are important to them in order to differentiate their solutions in the marketplace.

The AT&T Drive platform allows AT&T to work with companies to bring new connected vehicle services to market quickly including:

  • Global SIM and Global Provisioning
  • Unique Global Billing Solutions
  • Safety, Security, and Diagnostics Solutions
  • Voice Enablement / Safe Driving Solutions
  • Service Delivery
  • Secure Firmware Updates
  • Application Store Capabilities
  • Policy Management Solutions

AT&T Drive allows automakers the ability to utilize or build their own services and join them with services from AT&T Drive, which helps create unique solutions for their end users. Companies participating in the ecosystem include:

  • Ericsson - Global application delivery framework
  • VoiceBox - Natural language to vehicles
  • Synchronoss - Cloud platform solution that enables seamless network activation
  • Accenture - Connected vehicle services and solutions, including telematics and big data analytics
  • Amdocs – Customized billing solutions
  • Jasper Wireless – Cloud-based global connected device platform

AT&T Drive Studio. Located in Atlanta, the more than 5,000-square foot AT&T Drive Studio features working garage bays, a speech lab, a full showroom to exhibit the latest innovations, conference facilities, and much more. The AT&T Drive Studio integrates AT&T solutions across multiple companies and serves as a hub where AT&T can respond to needs of automotive manufacturers and the auto ecosystem at large.

Located just blocks away from AT&T’s newest Foundry innovation center in Atlanta, the AT&T Drive Studio is a working lab where AT&T tests and develops technologies to enhance the driving experience by improving safety, convenience and entertainment.

The Atlanta Foundry, AT&T’s fourth such space, is dedicated to new wireless services, such as the connected home, car and other consumer electronics. Ideas started in these innovation centers will be integrated into AT&T Drive within the Drive Studio in Atlanta.


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