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Evatran Group, Inc., in partnership with Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, is offering reduced promotional pricing to the first 250 customers of its wireless EV charging system. Evatran’s Plugless 3.3 kW Level 2 Charging System uses inductive technology to wirelessly charge the vehicle’s traction battery. (Earlier post.) The reduced pricing includes all charging hardware and is as much as a 30% discount off the Plugless system’s standard MSRP.

Initial shipments of the Plugless system will begin in February 2014. The system is currently compatible with all Chevrolet Volt model years and 2010 – 2012 Nissan LEAF model years. The Volt system will be offered at $1,998.00, and the LEAF system will be offered at $2,098.00 for the first 250 units. The system charges the Volt and LEAF as quickly as conventional corded systems and all vehicle features, such as charge-timers and phone applications, can be used seamlessly with the PLUGLESS system. Additional vehicles and model years will be announced in early 2014.

The first 250 units, dedicated to this promotional program, will be delivered from February through May 2014, based on the customer’s order processing date. Delivery quantities will be limited to this program for the first five months of production and additional orders will be placed on a waiting list for delivery beginning in June 2014.

The Plugless system includes a vehicle adapter, specific to each EV model, and a charging station that is installed in the user’s garage or dedicated parking space. Bosch will provide installation services.


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