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Sales of EVs in France up 55% in 2013 to 8,779

Avere-France. Sales of EVs in France rose 55% to 8,779 units in 2013, up from 5,663 the year before. The Renault Zoe took the top spot with 5,511 registrations or 62.8% of the market.

The Nissan Leaf with second, 1,438 registrations, followed by the Bolloré Bluecar with 658 registrations.

Source: Avere-France. Click to enlarge.

5,175 electric vehicles vans were registered in France in 2013, with sales increased 42% over 3,651 registrations recorded in 2012.

A total of 46,785 hybrid vehicles, including 32,799 hybrid gasoline and diesel 13,986 hybrids were registered in France in 2013. Sales increased 60% compared to 29,120 registrations recorded in 2012.



Adding vans to cars, the electric sales are about equivalent to 75,000 cars a year sold in the US adjusted for poputation.

That is shouting distance of the market in the US, in spite of far better incentives including point of sale subsidy rather than tax rebates.


This is a starter year for 3 to 16 wheels electrified vehicles (HEVs, PHEVs, FCEVs and BEVs) in Japan, Norway, Holland, USA, France, China and a few other countries.

If increasing sales, at a rate of 50% to 70% a year is maintained and passed on to other countries, worldwide sales may reach 5,000,000+ a year by 2020? That number may double every 3 to 5 years there after.

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