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Linde North America has joined the US Department of Energy’s H2USA, a public-private partnership formed in May 2013 focused on advancing hydrogen fueling infrastructure to support cleaner transportation energy options for US consumers. (Earlier post.)

The mission of H2USA is to promote the commercial introduction and widespread adoption of fuel cell electrical vehicles (FCEVs) across America through creation of a public-private collaboration to overcome the hurdle of establishing hydrogen infrastructure.

Linde North America, is a member of The Linde Group—one of the world’s largest hydrogen energy producers and one of the earliest entrants into the hydrogen energy arena.

Linde has equipped more than 80 hydrogen fueling stations around the world, supplying hydrogen for projects large and small. The company is also a member of the H2Mobility initiative in Germany. (Earlier post.)

Earlier this year, hydrogen fueling stations using Linde fueling technology in the US passed the half-million mark in fills powering a variety of vehicles, including forklifts, cars and buses. One of the major contributors to this milestone is BMW Manufacturing at its plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where the company powers its entire hydrogen fuel cell fleet of more than 280 forklift trucks to service the plant’s production and logistics functions, making it one of the largest fuel cell forklift sites in the world.

In the San Francisco Bay area, Linde hydrogen stations have been fueling a dozen fuel cell buses for AC Transit since 2010.



This is a limp article where they don't tell how the hydrogen is made and if it's made onsite or transported and how much cost a kilo of hydrogen and what are the mpg figure of the forklifts.

Im thus less interrested to buy a forklift instead of a small gasoline car.

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