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Austrian transport company orders 220 biodiesel-powered trucks from Scania

Austrian haulier Nothegger Transport has ordered 220 trucks from Scania with biodiesel engines which meet Euro 6 requirements and are designed for 100-percent biodiesel operation. This major order follows the introduction of Scania’s 13-litre 450 hp engine, which meets Euro 6 standard for biodiesel operation. (Earlier post.)

Nothegger has ordered 2-axle tractors, intended primarily for long-haulage, as well as 3-axle rigid trucks. The company has also signed a Scania repair and maintenance contract for all of the 220 vehicles ordered.

In Austria, there is a tax incentive to use biodiesel as well as lower prices at the filling stations. Despite the somewhat lower energy content in biodiesel and increased maintenance requirements, Nothegger expects to be able to cut its operating costs. At a total distance driven of 150,000 kilometers (93,206 miles) per year, the annual saving could be about €4,000 (US$5,474) per truck.

The Austrian transport company Nothegger Transport maintains operations across 13 sites, including in countries such as Italy and Slovakia. The company offers scheduled services and extensive distribution of fruit and vegetables. The haulier, which was founded in 1992, operates about 750 trucks and has a prominent environmental profile with the objective of reducing its carbon dioxide emissions.

Scania will continue to introduce additional biodiesel engines with more output levels and size categories. All of Scania’s Euro 6-certified diesel engines are, even in their basic versions, certified for biodiesel blends of up to 10%.


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