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Thriev adding 20 BYD e6 electric cars to London fleet

Thriev, a company offering zero-emission, chauffeured cars to corporate and private users in London, is adding 20 . BYD e6 electric cars to the fleet. Part of the deal with BYD is that Thriev will equip its facility at Edgware Road, west London, with BYD’s purpose-designed charging equipment, which allows fast charging of the e6 in just two hours.

Initially, the e6 fleet is being supplied on a lease arrangement, although both BYD and Thriev expect this to be the beginning of a long-term relationship that will go some way to fulfilling a joint BYD and Thriev vision of a ‘green city solution’—the transitioning of key public and personal transport vehicles from gasoline and diesel power to pure electric.

Last month, the Mayor of London announced that from 1 January 2018, all new taxis would have to be zero-emission capable in order to gain an operating licence. (Earlier post.)

In December, two fully-electric, full-size buses operated by Go-Ahead Group, entered service on two central Transport for London routes—part of a Europe-wide initiative to introduce BYD electric buses to major city centre operations.


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