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Portugal-based IncBio, a provider of ultrasonic biodiesel plants, secured an agreement to supply Bio Renewable Energy Factory (BREF) in Saudi Arabia with a 40,000 tonne/year (about 12 million gallons US) biodiesel plant. The plant will incorporate IncBio’s ultrasonic technology to produce biodiesel from animal fats collected from rendering plants in the Saudi market.

The plant will be the first of several projects planned by BREF for the region for the coming years. IncBio and BREF expect the plant to be complete by Q4 of 2014.

Converting animal fats into Biodiesel is not without challenges, IncBio notes. The use of ultrasonic technology shortens the reaction times of conventional plants, while producing high-quality, high-yield biodiesel.

By creating molecular cavitation, IncBio’s ultrasonic reactors ensure that all the feedstock, methanol and catalyst are homogeneously emulsified and come to a complete reaction, increasing yields to >99%. The reactor units operate on both base transesterification and acid esterification, with the most impressive results being seen on the acid esterification reaction.

Traditionally acid esterification has been mostly carried out on batch reactors, with reaction times stretching to several hours and low yields being achieved. IncBio’s acid esterification units are continuous, and achieve yields in excess of 99%, with a typical post reaction FFA value of 0.5%.

Using IncBio’s multi-feedstock technology, industrial units are able to convert a wide range of raw materials into biodiesel exceeding EN14214 and ASTM D6751 standards. This includes crude vegetable oils to waste materials and by-products such as used cooking oil (UCO), animal fats, distilled free fatty acids (FFAD), palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD), trap grease oil, etc. The IncBio process can handle up to 100% FFA.

BREF was founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2013 to setup the first biofuel plant to recycle oil generated from food/service industries which is ever increasing with the dominating industries.


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