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Japan’s Terra Motors entering Indian two-wheeler market with Kiwami electric bike

Terra Motors Corporation, a leading manufacturer of two- and three-wheelers in Japan, is introducing the Kiwami electric bike in India. Catering to attract the youth, motorcycle enthusiasts, and consumers in urban cities who look for eco-friendly variants, Kiwami (“Ultimate” in Japanese) features a 10 kW (13 hp) electric motor; top speed is 160 km/hour (99 mph).

Kiwami. Click to enlarge.

Kiwami was designed for India, and features a hard suspension to deal with Indian roads. Kiwami requires 6 hours for a full recharge and has a range of up to 200 kilometers (124 miles).

In addition, Terra Motors will soon introduce series of executive e-scooters, which will target premium consumers who expect a stylish and sophisticated high end product. These bikes and a three-wheeler option will be showcased at the upcoming Auto Expo 2014 in February.

Price for the Kiwami is around Rs. 18 Lakh (about US$29,000).



2 comments. I think that you need soft suspension and a lot of it for Indian roads. If the monetary conversion is correct, I doubt that you will have many buyers at $29,000.

Brent Jatko

$29K is hellishly expensive.

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