Celgard files patent infringement lawsuit against LG Chem over Li-ion separator technology
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Samsung SDI to use Celgard separator in electric drive vehicle and storage system Li-ion batteries

Polypore International, Inc. announced that its Celgard subsidiary and Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. entered into a long-term supply agreement under which Samsung will purchase Celgard brand separator to be used in its electric drive vehicle and energy storage system lithium-ion batteries. This long-term agreement includes guaranteed purchase and supply volume requirements and an initial four-year term with a two-year extension provision.

Celgard battery separators are polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), or trilayer PP/PE/PP electrolytic separator membranes.

Separately, Polypore announced that it had filed a complaint against LG Chem, alleging that LG Chem had infringed Celgard’s United States Patent Nº 6,432,586 issued for an invention entitled “Separator for a High Energy Rechargeable Lithium Battery. (Earlier post.)

We are pleased to partner with an industry leader like Samsung, and we believe this agreement underscores the value of our capacity investments and our proven industry-leading products and technology, while providing certainty of supply to meet our customers’ needs in this growing application space.

—Robert B. Toth, President and CEO of Polypore



To use superior components from 4 or 5 various suppliers may be the best way to accelerate the mass production of superior batteries?

Groups like Samsung, LG, Sanyo, Panasonic, BYD etc with deep pockets could do the final assembly and commercialization.

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