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EnStorage and Princeton Power Systems awarded $950K BIRD grant for hydrogen bromide flow battery system

Princeton Power Systems and EnStorage have been awarded a $950,000 grant from the Israel-US Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD). The grant will support the commercialization and deployment of an energy storage system based on EnStorage’s proprietary hydrogen bromide (HBr) flow battery and Princeton Power Systems’ inverters and site controller.

The first system will be deployed to support a photovoltaic (PV) installation and would be able to support the grid for at least six hours per day for a minimum of 20 years.

The commercial system will be a 150kW/900kWH containerized system, to be based on EnStorage’s grid connected 50kW/100kWH technology demonstrator.

EnStorage is backed by leading investors including: Warburg Pincus, Canaan Partners, Greylock Israel, Wellington and Siemens TTB. Princeton Power Systems is a leading global designer and manufacturer of technology products and embedded software for energy management, micro-grid operations, and electric vehicle charging.

Hydrogen bromine flow battery systems have and are being investigated by a number of teams, including some at MIT (earlier post), TVN Systems (earlier post), and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.



Support the grid for 6 hours/day (during peak demands?) for 20 years?

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