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McPhy Energy to design ship-board hydrogen storage for Fincantieri

McPhy Energy, a specialist in solid-state hydrogen storage using metal hydrides at low pressure, has signed a contract with one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups, Italy-based Fincantieri, for the design of a storage system for vessels powered by hydrogen that will lead to the manufacturing of the first prototype.

McPhy has selected magnesium hydrides (MgH2) for mass storage because they offer a large range of benefits. However, for long-term storage applications, or embedded storage applications, McPhy works with other hydrides: BCC, AB2, etc.

We are very pleased to collaborate with McPhy Energy and to benefit from their worldwide recognized know-how combining its unique technology for hydrogen storage to all safety features. This is a key project for Fincantieri development towards the green energy technology decreasing the environmental impact of sea mobility.

—Gerardo Borgogna, Fincantieri Head of Submarine Design

McPhy Energy was founded at La Motte Fanjas (Drôme) in France in 2008. The group has three production sites in France, Germany and Italy and an R&D laboratory in France.


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