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DENZA EV tracking towards market introduction in China this year; ABB to supply DC fast chargers

Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd. (BDNT), the Chinese joint venture between Daimler and BYD, has selected ABB to supply DC fast chargers for BDNT’s battery-electric DENZA over the next six years. The home wall-mounted fast chargers will be sold through DENZA dealerships along with the vehicle and significantly reduces charging time. Furthermore, the DENZA vehicle will also be rechargeable at a conventional wall socket.

The wall-mounted chargers will have a number of innovations designed for user convenience and safety, such as a mobile app that allows remote monitoring and control of charging sessions, with the option of charging status change notifications. First deliveries are expected in mid-2014. The charging solution will be sold through DENZA dealerships along with the vehicle.

EVs are one of China’s seven emerging strategic industries. ABB and DENZA will work together to help support China’s efforts to increase sustainable mobility.

The Chinese government has introduced a direct current (DC) fast charging standard (GB/T 20234, analogous to CHAdeMO in Japan and the US/Europe Combo standard) to encourage technical innovation and stimulate market acceptance of EVs. The urban charging infrastructure will be a key driver for EV adoption. The GBT standard will give Chinese consumers the opportunity to conveniently charge their vehicles at home or at public charging stations. Public DC fast charging is expected to be rolled out in China in the near future.

Comparison of DC charging couplers. Source: UNECE. Click to enlarge.

The battery-electric DENZA vehicle will make its debut at the Auto China trade fair in Beijing in April 2014. In Beijing, the first DENZA dealership will open its doors in the middle of this year. Further dealerships are being built up simultaneously in Shanghai and Shenzhen.


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