DENZA EV tracking towards market introduction in China this year; ABB to supply DC fast chargers
Eni reports important new discovery offshore Congo


In an earlier post on Hyundai’s Tucson fuel cell vehicle (earlier post), we incorrectly reported the battery as a 24 kWh unit, reflecting a typo in Hyundai material. The battery is actually a 24 kW unit with a capacity of less than 1 kWh, according to Soonil Jeon from Hyundai, in his presentation at the SAE 2014 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium. We apologize for the error.



I said:

'The energy is stored in a 24 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery, jointly developed with LG Chemical.'

??? I don't think so.
That would be a full on plug in hybrid, which this isn't.
Presumably it uses around a 1.5kwh battery like all the other FCEVs/

Sometimes I amaze myself! ;-)

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