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Saft delivers first Intensium Flex Li-ion system to ECO-H Technologies for oil and gas industry

Saft has been awarded a contract from ECO-H Technologies, Inc. for the delivery of the first Intensium Flex Li-ion battery system to power and store energy for the ECO-H System. Saft delivered the battery in December 2013 and will continue working with distributors on systems opportunities in the coming years.


The ECO-H System is a patent-pending Hybrid Power Management System for the oil and gas industry developed by ECO-H Technologies and distributed by Tesco Corporation. Through its ability to provide power and store energy using Saft Li-ion batteries, the system allows for immediate on-demand power and the leveling of power usage peaks for rigs.

Additionally, the system is equipped with a power management control system to regulate gensets and optimize efficiency. The ECO-H System offers both financial and environmental benefits to the oil and gas sector through the reduction of fuel consumption, fuel emissions and operating expenses.

The contract allows Saft to be an integral part of a first-to-market hybrid genset and battery system. ECO-H’s global distributor will purchase 10 systems for installation within the first year of validation at a rate of one system per month.

The pilot system was built around Saft’s high-power Li-ion systems and expertise, using its Intensium Flex Li-ion battery with a nominal capacity of 696Vdc at 500 kW for 525 kWh of energy. The battery design also allows for peak shaving and load leveling, creating a more efficient system that requires one less generator and decreases daily fuel costs, the rig’s carbon footprint and provides the opportunity for operators to earn government carbon credits.

Saft designed the Intensium Flex to suit the various power and energy requirements of a wide range of stationary and telecom backup applications, for centralized distributed power and data centers, and demanding UPS applications in confined spaces.

Li-ion technology was selected for the application due to its high cycling capabilities and long life cycle not offered by traditional chemistries. The advanced battery system provides a lightweight, high-energy density that eases onsite placement of the product and reduces transportation costs.

Saft also has been awarded a contract from Tri-Technic Inc. for the delivery of two Intensium Max 20M (IM20M) battery containers to power the Fort Hunter Liggett grid energy storage system.

Separately, Saft also announced it has been awarded five new contracts from Boeing to build Li-ion batteries for four of Boeing’s current GEO communication satellite programs. Including these orders, Boeing has awarded a total of eleven contracts under its long-term agreement with Saft signed in 2009 to produce Li-ion GEO satellite batteries. These contracts, along with associated support and management, represent more than $20M of satellite batteries. The seven satellites worth of battery packs will be delivered from mid-2014 to 2015.


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