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Schlumberger has introduced its BroadBand Sequence fracturing technique, which enables sequential stimulation of perforation clusters in wells drilled in unconventional reservoirs. This new technique sequentially isolates fractures at the wellbore to ensure every cluster in each zone is fractured, resulting in greater production and completion efficiency compared to conventional methods. BroadBand Sequence is the first release of a family of BroadBand completion technologies aimed at maximizing well productivity in unconventional reservoirs.

BroadBand Sequence fracturing enables sequential stimulation of perforation clusters, resulting in greater production from investment. Source: Schlumberger. Click to enlarge.

Developed using a composite fluid comprising a proprietary blend of degradable fibers and multimodal particles, the BroadBand Sequence technique is suited for use in new wells and in recompletions.

The company said that this technique is particularly suitable for re-fracturing operations, given its ability to promote temporary cluster isolation without the aid of mechanical devices such as bridge plugs.

This fracturing technique has delivered strong and consistent performance in more than 500 operations conducted to date in several unconventional plays including the Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Woodford, Spraberry and Bakken shales.

The BroadBand Sequence fracturing technique has enabled customers in South Texas to increase production from new completions in unconventional reservoirs by more than 20%. It has also reduced well completion time by up to 46% in plug-and-perf operations by stimulating longer intervals compared with conventional methods.

In addition, this technology was applied to a well in South Texas for a refracturing operation, which resulted in double the production with a four-fold increase in flowing pressure.

Optimizing the stimulation of wellbore perforation clusters in unconventional reservoirs is a significant challenge for our industry. The BroadBand Sequence technique addresses this challenge and increases our customers’ well production by enhancing stimulation contact in every zone in the reservoir.

—Amerino Gatti, president, Well Services, Schlumberger



"In addition, this technology was applied to a well in South Texas for a refracturing operation, which resulted in double the production with a four-fold increase in flowing pressure."



"Of the nearly 40,000 oil and gas wells drilled since 2011, three-quarters were located in areas where water is scarce, and 55% were in areas experiencing drought, the report by the Ceres investor network found."


Im interested to buy natural gas but my heating is electric and my car do not have a natural gas tank and there is no natural gas stations here.


Will this cut down on the threat of man-made earthquakes? While hydraulic fracturing works by making thousands of extremely small “microearthquakes,” they are, with just a few exceptions, too small to be felt; none have been large enough to cause structural damage. As noted previously, underground disposal of wastewater co-produced with oil and gas, enabled by hydraulic fracturing operations, has been linked to induced earthquakes.

Or the methane leaks?

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