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Visteon and OpenSynergy ally to accelerate integration of connected services in automotive infotainment

Visteon Corporation, a leading automotive electronics supplier, and OpenSynergy, a specialist in embedded automotive systems, announced a strategic alliance to deliver standards-based infotainment solutions that bridge the gap between open source In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) applications and the closed automotive domain.

The partners’ first collaboration incorporates OpenSynergy’s COQOS operating system in Visteon’s OpenAir I1.2 infotainment platform, introducing virtualization technology in Visteon’s latest range of infotainment products. Virtualization technology creates a virtual environment in which even complex operating systems can run within partitions on the same processor. The OpenAir I1.2 was first demonstrated at the 2014 International CES.

Visteon and OpenSynergy’s solution enables vehicle manufacturers to integrate Linux or Android-based infotainment functions alongside AUTOSAR-compliant software by running applications independently in separate software partitions, thus eliminating risks for mutual interference. Fast boot technology ensures quick availability of critical driver information while special software drivers make it possible to share hardware resources (such as audio and video) between partitions.

OpenSynergy is a private technology software company, based in Berlin, Germany, specializing in software for embedded automotive systems. OpenSynergy provides COQOS, a standards-based software platform integrating Linux and Android-based systems as well as AUTOSAR-compliant software. COQOS has been developed to address safety applications.


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