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Proterra sells seven battery-electric transit buses to Nashville MTA

US-based Proterra Inc recently announced the sale of seven battery-electric buses and an electric charging station to Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (Nashville MTA). The buses are slated to be built at Proterra’s manufacturing facility in Greenville, S.C. and delivered to Nashville this year.

The funds for the zero-emission electric buses and the electric charging station are the result of Nashville MTA’s successful application for a federal Clean Fuels grant and local matching funds from the city. The Proterra buses will serve the free downtown Music City Circuit.

Proterra was selected through a competitive procurement process, which included bids from Wave, New Flyer, EV America and BYD.



Good news for Proterra. More cities should replace their Noisy polluting diesel buses with cleaner e-buses. A major part of the energy required could be produced with high efficiency solar cells installed over bus depots and on e-buses roof.

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