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GM sets another February sales record in China

General Motors and its joint ventures sold 257,770 vehicles in China during February, setting a new record for the month. Sales increased 19.9% from 215,070 vehicles sold in the same month last year.

In February, Shanghai GM’s domestic sales were up 8.8% year on year to 109,889 units, SAIC-GM-Wuling’s domestic sales were up 29.4% to 142,620 units and FAW-GM’s domestic sales were up 38.7% to 5,092 units.

Buick sales in the domestic market increased 13.0% on an annual basis in February to 59,164 units. Its best-selling model remained the original Excelle family, which had sales of 21,820 units—a rise of 49.4%. It was followed by the Excelle XT and GT, which had combined sales growth of 13.8% to 16,260 units.

Chevrolet sales in China dropped 0.1% on an annual basis to 46,347 units. The brand’s most popular model was the Cruze, which sold 19,960 units—an increase of 52.1%. Sales of the Sail family were 13,173 units.

Cadillac sales in China were a February record 4,378 units. Demand for the luxury brand jumped 90.8% on an annual basis, as sales of the popular XTS luxury sedan totaled 2,042 units.

Wuling sales across China increased 31.6% from February 2013 to 137,018 units. Sales of the Hong Guang family rose 103.2% to 65,129 units. Baojun, GM’s entry-level passenger car brand in China, had sales of 5,602 units.

With all-time monthly record sales in January, GM’s domestic sales during the first two months of 2014 totaled 605,831 units—an increase of 15.2% from the year-ago period and also a new record.

Between January and February, Shanghai GM sold 281,745 units in China, which was up 10.4% on an annual basis. SAIC-GM-Wuling sold 315,472 units in China, which was up 20.4%. Both were new highs for the period. FAW-GM sold 8,411 vehicles in China, which was up 3.1%.

In addition, during the first two months of 2014, Buick sales rose 14.7% year on year to 159,291 units, Chevrolet sales were down 0.2% to 112,335 units, Cadillac sales jumped 161.8% to 10,119 units, Wuling sales were up 20.9% to 300,904 units and Baojun sales grew 11.4% to 14,568 units.



Great racketeering - and it doesn't even include the additional $billions stolen by the GM Delphi bailout, Romney "blind trust" millions in stock profits, and future GM tax "breaks".

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