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Kienbaum study forecasts 25% new car market share for EVs in Germany in 2025

A study by German management consultancy Kienbaum forecasts that electric vehicles will have a 25% share of the new car market in Germany in 2025—i.e., one out of every four new cars will be electric.

Kienbaum interviewed more than 350 senior executives, industry experts and scientists in Europe, North America and Asia for the report. In 2020, approximately 800,000 electric cars will roll through the streets of Germany, the Kienbaum study predicts—falling short of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s goal of one million by that year.

According to the Kienbaum forecast, electric vehicle market share will hit nearly 7% in 2020, and then rise on up to about 30% by 2030.

About 80% of the automotive companies around the globe by 2020 will be investing in electric mobility, the study said.



Japan may get there with (HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs) a few years before Germany.

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