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BMW orders two more ENGEL moulding machines for body shell components for i3 EV

BMW has awarded ENGEL Austria another contract to supply system solutions to BMW’s Leipzig factory, where ENGEL duo injection moulding machines are used to manufacture car body shell components for the BMW i3 electric vehicle. The latest order includes two large-scale ENGEL duo machines with 40,000 kN clamping force integrated as a double system.

In master/slave mode, both machines can be synchronized to injection mould and complete two components at the same time. This manufacturing principle makes sure that both components undergo exactly the same material aging process and that the high quality requirements are met.

Engel duo 4000 moulding machines. Click to enlarge.

As the general contractor for the manufacturing cells, ENGEL has taken responsibility for incorporating automation into the entire system. Both machines are fitted with a multi-axis robot. ENGEL delivered the first manufacturing cells of this type to Leipzig back in March 2013.

During the company’s Annual Accounts Press Conference, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer said the automaker will ramp up production of its lightweight i models by 2018, then by 2020 would be build them “in a six digits figure to comply with stricter emission rules.

ENGEL Austria is a leading supplier of lightweight solutions for the international automotive industry. At its technology center for lightweight composites, which opened in 2012 in St. Valentin, Austria, ENGEL develops new technologies and processes for the manufacture of fiber-reinforced composite material in conjunction with partner companies and universities.


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