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Liberty Coach introduces communication link for remote monitoring of motor coach Li-ion batteries

Liberty Coach, a company that converts Prevost luxury motor coaches to RVs, has introduced a new communication link that facilitates monitoring of a coach’s lithium-ion battery systems from both inside and outside the vehicle.

Liberty uses lithium iron phosphate batteries to reduce the weight of the coach as well as reducing the generator fuel consumption. The Li-ion packs enables a full state of charge to be reached much faster than the traditional battery technology, reducing the run time of the generator systems.

Users can call up key performance metrics, including voltage, charge rate, and percent of charge remaining, at the touch of a button, anytime they want, anywhere they happen to be. The new link is compatible with both the coach’s onboard Crestron wireless control system and Liberty i-Link, the company’s proprietary communications system that allows remote control via an iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

We were the first convertor to adopt the Crestron system, which is now of course the industry standard. And Liberty i-Link was the first proprietary system to bring remote control capabilities to mobile phones and tablets. Expanding those to include lithium ion battery monitoring was just the next logical step.

—company V.P. and co-owner Frank Konigseder

The new battery monitoring made its debut on Liberty Coach Nº 776, a 2015 Elegant Lady Fairfax Double Slide Edition. Konigseder said that new coaches as far back as Nº 765 can be retrofitted with the feature, which will be standard equipment on all new Liberty Coach models going forward.


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