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Hyundai to provide 75 ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles to HyFive project

Continental takes over full ownership of Zytek Automotive

With effect from 3 February 2014, international automotive supplier Continental has taken over full ownership of its former joint venture, Zytek Automotive, based in the UK. It previously had a 50% shareholding in Zytek Automotive. Both companies have agreed not to disclose the price for the acquisition.

In future, Zytek Automotive will operate as a part of the Continental Engineering Services (CES) organization in the United Kingdom, embracing CES’ complete service and technology portfolio, and thus providing engineering services covering the chassis, the interior and the powertrain.

This acquisition allows us to meet the increasing need for engineering services. Whether it’s from vehicle manufacturers or suppliers—we are seeing an increase in requests for special customer-specific designs and for components for small-scale production runs or niche vehicles, in areas such as electronic brakes, the chassis and the powertrain.

—Bernd Neitzel, managing director of Continental Engineering Services

The Zytek Automotive engineering company employs a workforce of some 150 at its headquarters in Fradley near Birmingham and has particularly well-developed expertise in all areas of automotive technology and vehicle engineering.

Zytek’s customers include well-known vehicle manufacturers in Europe, the USA and Japan. The company’s main focus of activity has so far been on conventional, electrical and hybrid drive systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.



Hmmm... Continental aiming at an expanded product base. Zytek really didn't have much beyond lots of prototypes that I know of, but some fairly well-executed concepts. The 25kW package they built for the Yamaha "Motiv.e" was definitely cute (though not backed by significant over-the-road experience). Hope all the best technical talent stays on board. The Big Company experience can be daunting to people accustomed to the R&D environment.

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