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Bosch Engineering develops control unit for fuel cell systems for ground support equipment

Bosch Engineering GmbH will present a new fuel cell control unit (FCCU) for off-highway applications such as airport ground support equipment such as baggage towing tractors at the MobiliTec specialist trade show at the 2014 Hannover trade fair.

Control Unit for fuel cell system for off-highway vehicles Bosch Engineering GmbH is offering a fuel cell control unit for zero-emission off-highway applications such as baggage towing tractors. The new fuel cell control unit is based on automotive large-scale series production from Bosch. Click to enlarge.

The FCCU is based on Bosch automotive large-scale series production hardware. Together with newly developed software for controlling fuel cell systems, it has the flexibility to be used in various mobile and stationary applications and supports a wide variety of system configurations.

The software features integrated hydrogen, air, and coolant control, so it can run a large number of operating strategies to further increase energy efficiency and keep consumption to a minimum.

Electrification of off-highway applications—among them airport ground support vehicles, municipal vehicles, and industrial trucks—is being driven by the tightening of emissions legislation for internal-combustion engines with over 56 kW (75 hp) of output (EU Stage IV and US Tier 4 Final).

Bosch Engineering’s FCCU will first be applied in the “Innovative On-Board Energiewandler” (InnoROBE) project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Bosch is providing the project with the central control unit for a fuel cell system that will serve as an energy source for an electrically powered baggage towing truck.


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