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Tesla launches business leasing program

Tesla Motors has launched a new business leasing program for the Model S. The Tesla business lease is available through Tesla Finance, a new subsidiary set up especially to offer this new product to business customers.

As an example, according to the configurator on Tesla’s site, the monthly lease payment for an 85 kWh model (cash price $79,900) would run $1,199; factoring in gasoline savings (-$261 per month) and the business tax benefit (-$395 per month) brings that to a net $543 per month.

Tesla Model S financing options
Model Finance Business lease Cash
Est. gross mo.payment Net payment Gross mo. payment Net payment
60 $986 $609 $1,012 $408 $69,900
85 $1,125 $788 $1,199 $543 $79,900
P85+ $1,312 $1,029 $1,451 $725 $93,400
All figures from Tesla’s ordering configurator; incentives not included in cash price or gross monthly payments

The lease program completes a suite of products, including the Resale Value Guarantee and loans from Tesla’s banking partners, that provides a range of financing needs for Model S customers.

Tesla said that its customers in small- and medium-sized businesses have been asking for a leasing program for the ease and simplicity of being able to deduct the payments from business taxes.

Customers can handle and sign their lease agreements completely electronically.


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