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Ioxus, a manufacturer of premium performance ultracapacitor technology for use in transportation, industrial and energy applications, launched the iMOD X-Series, a new series of module systems for a common, single-piece extruded housing for application across all of its axial ultracapacitors. iMOD X-Series allows for a very flexible voltage configuration to meet virtually all customer requirements.

Recognizing an inherent design issue responsible for disproportionate heating and aging of center cells in basic modules, Ioxus created the iMOD X-Series to correct these flaws while reducing cost, minimizing design time and increasing reliability.

The iMOD X-Series allows for every cell to be in thermal contact with the outside of the housing, therefore allowing for even heating and cooling, as well as a reduced heat generation. This reduction in heating and better cooling allow for even aging of the cells, to create a longer lasting, more reliable product.

The iMOD X-Series simplifies system design and installation for the end-users of multiple applications including hybrid buses, rail services, automotive systems, wind turbine pitch control, and backup power/UPS. By doing so, the iMOD X-Series product line reduces the effort required to design module-to-module termination and monitoring connections, as well as simplifies the mounting arrangements.

The patent pending, single-piece extruded housing and common components across the Ioxus product family means all of the required components are the same, regardless of the module voltage or capacitance. Features of the iMOD X-Series include:

  • End-To-End Cell Laser Welding: Reduces the number of bus bars, which in turn lowers cost and module equivalent series resistance (ESR) while increasing system performance and power delivery capability.

  • Voltage Balancing: iMOD X-Series offers true voltage balancing to extend the life of each cell, unlike other ultracapacitor manufactures that offer basic voltage clamping.

  • Front Facing Terminals: Allows for the use of simple bus bars that clean up system layout and eliminates cables that crisscross in the system, enabling easy, safe maintenance and installation.

  • Structural Thermal Bridges: Maximizes and balances thermal transfer from the cells to the housing while adding mechanical structure and robustness.

  • Customizable End Plates: Allows for virtually any mounting configuration with easy installation and maintenance, most notably standard rack mountable double modules vs. the standard single module multi-surface mounts.

  • Simple Sealing: iMOD X-Series requires only two seal points compared to competitors’ five for a product of equal size / rating.

Ioxus has also implemented an optional CAN Communication system into iMOD X-Series to help its customers monitor vital statics and health in order to maximize the payback of its offerings.


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