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Toyota Motor Europe closing in on 5% market share in Europe; hybrids = 21% of sales

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) posted first quarter sales result of 225,152 Toyota and Lexus vehicles in Europe, up 14% from the same period in 2013. TME’s European market share in the first three months of the year stands at 4.9%, up 0.4 percentage points from the same period last year. Hybrid models accounted for 21% of all vehicles sold by TME between January and March.

In the first quarter, Toyota Yaris Hybrid sales reached 15,305 units, up 34%. The Yaris Hybrid achieved record month of sales in January and February, capping off with the best ever sales month to date in March. Total Yaris sales were 49,656 units, up 12% from the same period last year.

The hybrid-powered Toyota Auris, both hatchback (9,451 units) and Touring Sports (9,643 units), made up half of all Auris sales (38,289 units) in the first three months. March also saw the Auris Hybrid Touring Sports achieve the model’s best sales month.

For Lexus, the hybrid-powered Lexus IS 300h takes a mammoth share of more than 80% of Lexus IS sales, with total sales of the range topping 3,390 units.

Other highlights of the first quarter include an increase in Toyota AYGO sales of 17% to 19,340 units in the lead up to the new model’s start of sales.

Sales of the Toyota Corolla more than doubled in the first quarter reaching 21,511 units with nearly three-quarters in Israel, Russia and Turkey.

The latest RAV4 generation saw sales topping 24,829 units, up 45% from the same first three months of 2013.

During the first quarter, Lexus sales increased by 24% to 11,495 units following the successful launch of the Lexus IS last year.



EU was slow to board the hybrid train but with 21% of current Toyota's sales it is getting close to the leader (Japan).

It is the first step (followed by PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs) in the right direction to reduce imported fossil fuel and GHG.


21% of 5% is roughly 1%. No other hybrids sell. Thus, almost 99% of the market in EU is conventional ICEs. What about reducing fuel consumption for those by 1%?


Does anyone have recent data on HEV sales in the USA?


Still, 21% of Toyota's EU sales were Hybrids.

If the 20+ other manufacturers would do as much, it could mean about 2,000,000 hybrids per year in EU only.

Catching up with Toyota may take 10+ years.

We have 3 trouble free Toyota hybrids (son, wife and I) and our fuel consumption is reduced by 50+%. Next generation Toyota Hybrids will do 10% to 12% better.

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