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General Motors is restructuring its Global Vehicle Engineering organization to form two new organizations—Global Product Integrity and Global Vehicle Components and Subsystems—to improve cross-system integration, deliver more consistent performance across vehicle programs and address functional safety and compliance in its vehicles.

A vehicle is a collection of 30,000 individual parts. Fully integrating those parts into cohesive systems with industry-leading quality and safety is key in this customer-driven business.

—Mark Reuss, executive vice president of Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain

The Global Product Integrity organization, which is effective immediately, will build on specific actions GM has taken in recent years to vehicle dynamics including ride and handling, steering and braking. GM will apply the same approach to overall quality and safety performance.

Ken Morris, currently executive director, Global Chassis Engineering, has been named vice president, Global Product Integrity. The newly created role and organization will include vehicle, powertrain and electrical systems engineering as well as vehicle performance, industrial engineering and validation. It also includes the recently formed Global Vehicle Safety organization led by Jeff Boyer, who is overseeing the addition of 35 product investigators. Supplier Quality will now become part of the new Global Product Integrity organization.

Ken Kelzer, currently vice president, GM Europe Powertrain Engineering, has been named vice president, Global Vehicle Components and Subsystems. His new role and organization includes engineering operations, components development, advanced vehicle development and other engineering business initiatives.

The Global Product Integrity organization will use advanced analysis tools and processes to flag and prevent issues during vehicle development, while also mining field data to react quickly to safety and product quality issues customers may experience.

With the restructuring, John Calabrese, vice president of Global Vehicle Engineering, has elected to retire after more than 33 years with GM.


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