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EV3-850 combined with PowerPhase HD220. Click to enlarge.

UQM Technologies Inc. and Kinetics Drive Solutions Inc. are collaborating to offer an integrated electric motor and multi-speed transmission system for commercial vehicle applications that will benefit from a full system approach. This system is engineered to provide commercial vehicle manufacturers with an efficient electric drive powertrain while minimizing the development time for integration.

Advantages for customers will be a fully integrated and calibrated system that allows quicker time to market and reduced development time and cost, as well as fewer engineering variables. Systems will feature UQM PowerPhase HD electric motors and controllers combined with Kinetics NexDrive transmissions.

As we work with multiple partners in China and other regions of the world, it has become clear that for some the ability to offer a complete system will be a competitive advantage. By collaborating with Kinetics we are able to offer those customers a proven powertrain system.

—Eric R. Ridenour, President and CEO of UQM

The PowerPhase HD family was developed specifically for commercial vehicle applications, and includes high performance liquid cooled permanent magnet motors and high-power, liquid-cooled inverters with full-featured digital signal processor controllers.

The lineup includes the HD 220 with 700 N·m (516 lb-ft) of peak torque and 220 kW of peak power; the HD 950T with 950 N·m (701 lb-ft) of peak torque and 140 kW of peak power; and the HD 250 which is a high-voltage variant with 250 kW of peak power and 900 N·m (664 lb-ft) of peak torque.

PowerPhase HD family
  HD 220 HD 250 HD 950T
Peak torque 700 N·m 900 N·m 950 N·m
Continuous power 120 kW 150 kW 100 kW
Peak power 220 kW 250 kW 140 kW
Full power voltage 370 - 450 VDC 450 - 750 VDC 370- 450 VDC

The NexDrive EV3-850 transmission is a 3-speed (gear ratios 3.58, 1.86 and 1.00:1) dual-clutch transmission that efficiently works with the electric motor to minimize torque interruption during gear shifting. It also enables the electric motor to operate at peak or near peak efficiency for improved battery performance and vehicle range.

Kinetics designed and developed the EV3-850 specifically for medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicle applications.


ALTe Founder / CEO

Great work Eric - the industry needs more of these collaborative turnkey standardized solutions to gain scale and drive costs down. We need bullet proof systems which demonstrate a high value. Keep up the good work.


Does UQM actually have a future? The company has never made money since it went public in 2000. The biggest potential contract ever was the Coda. This most recent agreement with KDS shows no actual upside. Moreover with the ongoing march of huge industrial coalitions like the Siemens/BAIC partnership or the advances of vertically integrated giants like MHI Electric demonstrating prototypes ON THE ROAD that are more advanced than UQM product... I don't see where they could be going.

UQM has largely been an excellent option play for traders. Otherwise it doesn't make a lot of sense. (Note no insult to UQM technical or mfg expertise implied or intended. They're simply too small a player with no real differentiation.)

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