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ABB Terra DC chargers first to pass CHAdeMO 1.0 and third-party CE certification for multi-standard chargers

ABB announced that its Terra 23/53 range of fast chargers has successfully passed the new European certification process for DC fast chargers at Applus+ IDIADA, the independent certification house in Spain. The ABB multi-standard chargers are compliant with CHAdeMO 1.0, the CE standard and new industry guidelines for multi-standard fast chargers.

Multi-standard fast charger. Click to enlarge.

The CHAdeMO 1.0 certification was carried out in March in Spain, immediately following the official inauguration of Applus+ IDIADA as the first independent certification house for fast charging in Europe.

Applus+ IDIADA is the only accredited company that uses an EV charging simulator within its facilities. The simulator, developed internally by Applus+ IDIADA, is capable of running 140 different test items within 3 hours in order to validate the correct reactions of a CHAdeMO quick charger for a safe use according the specifications. Applus+ IDIADA’s EV charging simulator can also be used to validate COMBO chargers and AC mode 3 chargers.

In parallel to the formal standards-certification by IDIADA, the ABB chargers passed the individual vehicle verification testing with Japanese and European car manufacturers, including backward compatibility testing with CHAdeMO 0.9 vehicles.

An extensive certification and verification process is a fundamental requirement for fast charging in general and public fast charging in particular, ABB said. CHAdeMO 1.0 and CCS (Combined Charging Standard) functionality require several stricter standards to be met, for example, with respect to charger isolation and power quality.

ABB’s chargers are immediately designed according to the MOCCA (Multi Outlet Charger Configuration Agreement) specification, an new industry guideline under development which governs the seamless and safe integration of multiple standards for fast charging into one single fast charger. This will ensure safety, technical architecture, functionality and usability to work in harmony when combining multiple outlets into one fast charger.

ABB has chosen to avoid rushing products to market and rather focus on pushing appropriate certification to ensure the necessary quality, reliability and safety for a professional EV charging network. We are very proud to be the first with Chademo 1.0 certification outside Japan and to be the first to have passed all relevant compliance verifications with European and Japanese cars. We have given full support to IDIADA to co-develop the MOCCA specification as we are convinced that this is a key element for a successful rollout of public fast-charging infrastructure.

—Wil van Gils, VP R&D of ABB EV Charging Infrastructure

Immediately following the certification, ABB released the Terra 23/53 multi-outlet chargers for manufacturing and shipping; the first products have been installed and commissioned in the last week of March with lead customers.



A smart flexible charger?

Many are needed worldwide.


A week ago I went to the first opening of a fast charging station with the ABB 53 CJG in Heerhugowaard. The 43 kW AC outlet which I, as a Zoe driver, was most interested in, was not yet available, pending certification. That last bit is to be expected mid May, after which it is fully certified.

The business unit that developed this charger is former Epyon, which was bought up by ABB.

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