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Proterra introduces 2nd generation electric bus

Proterra Inc. launched its second-generation all-electric bus, The Proterra Solution, at the American Public Transportation Association Bus and Paratransit Conference. The Proterra Solution, the company’s first 40-foot model, weighs less than any other transit bus available today and offers the highest fuel efficiency on the market.

Proterra’s current electric bus, the EcoRide BE35, is a 35-foot, low-floor composite body transit bus built upon a battery-electric vehicle architecture .

The new model also features a fast-charge system that keeps the bus on the road with no requirement to take them out of service for long charging periods, one-step access for ease-of-maintenance and industry-leading ergonomics.

As the only manufacturer with EV transit buses in revenue service in the United States, Proterra also announced that its buses had logged more than 340,000 miles (547,000 km) in revenue service to date. Cities currently operating Proterra all-electric buses include Stockton, Calif.; San Antonio, Texas; Tallahassee, Fla.; Worcester, Mass.; Reno, Nev. and Pomona, Calif.

The launches come on the heels of several other recent successes for Proterra, including recently setting the record for the most miles traveled by a battery-electric bus in a day (710 miles (1,142 km) in 24 hours), key contract wins in Nashville and Louisville and the purchase of additional Proterra buses by existing customers.



Smart move by Proterra. A 'stretchable' 35-ft e-bus into a 40-ft light weight unit will be a winner.


I think people like seeing progress, whether CNG buses, FCV buses or EV buses. When they see them in their cities, they know they pollute less and use less imported oil, it is all good.

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